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Pruszcz Gdański
The leading partner is Pruszcz Gdański - a developing town situated 9 km from the historical centre of Gdańsk. Pruszcz opens the reconstructed trade factory this year. It will be a perfect place to implement the project. Our role is to coordinate work during project implementation and ensure good communication between all partners during the life-time of the project. We will also make sure that the project is promoted properly. We will introduce City Tournament in 2012 and then transfer the idea to partners in 2013 and 2014. Other travelling events that will take place in Pruszcz are the International Crafts and Folk Festival and Festival Market. We will be responsible for preparing joint progress reports to the JTS. The representatives of Pruszcz will take part in events organised by the partners. We will also publish folder promoting South Baltic region.
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Silute District Municipality is a long-term partner of Pruszcz Gdański with a common EU project history. It is in the western part of Lithuania Republic, near the Baltic sea Curonian Lagoon. Silute is region where humans and water creates life.  Silute will organise the Crafts and Folk Festival in 2012. Other travelling events that will take place in Silute are the City Tournament and Festival Market. The events in Silute will contribute to prolonging the tourist season in the region as they will take place in May. We will be responsible for promotion of the project in Silute and contributing to promotion in the whole South Baltic area. The representatives of Silute will take part in all project events organised by other partners in order to share experience and know-how and introduce good practices in their home town. We will also prepare partner progress reports for the 1st level control and submit all information the leading partner should need in order to correctly implement the project.
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Vellinge Municipality
Vellinge municipality is the home of Sweden's finest beaches and a paradise for birds. It is with great pleasure we welcome you to the south western corner of Sweden.
We neighbour the famous Öresund bridge which means we are within easy reach of many lovely cites for excursions such as Malmö, Lund, Ystad, Copenhagen as well as the rural Söderslätt area.
We offer activities for all ages and interests. You can choose to play golf at any of our five golf courses or enjoy the white, sandy beaches all along the rim of the Näset isthmus and beautiful nature.
Experience the spectacular bird migration during the fall together with birdwatchers from all over the world.
Search for amber along the coastline of the Baltic Sea.
The Viking Town at Foteviken is a unique historic experience. During the summer months the Viking Town not only attracts tourists but also Vikings dressed enthusiasts from near and far. It is here all the Craftland events in Sweden takes place. Or visit the Falsterbo Horse Show, a major annual event that attracts horse enthusiasts from all over Europe.